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Welcome to ASP.NET MVC Extensions

Project Description

ASP.NET MVC Extensions (aka System.Web.Mvc.Extensibility) is developed on top of ASP.NET MVC extensibility point, which allows your IoC Container to rule everywhere.


  • Container Neutral: Stop referencing you IoC Container in your application code, let your application independent from the underlying container, yet utilizing the complete power.
  • Multiple Adapter: Packed with all the Popular IoC Containers adapter which includes AutofacNinject, StructureMap, Unity and Windsor.
  • Bootstrapping: Stop writing the same bootstrapping code over and over again, let the extensions to handle your Controller/Controller Factory/Model Binders/View Engines/Action Filters/Custom Dependencies etc registrations.
  • PerRequestTask: Act as a HttpModule to perform custom logic in the start and end of the request without registering in web.config.
  • Model Binder: Inject custom dependencies in your Model Binder with constructor injection.
  • Action Filter Fluent Registration: Fluently register your action filters which supports constructor injection of your custom dependencies.
  • ModelMetadata Fluent Configuration: Supports Composite ModelMetadata provider, which fallback to default DataAnnotationsModelMetadataProvider, supports configuring your model with fluent syntax like EF Code First or Fluent NHibernate.
  • Various ActionResults: Contains common action result which includes XmlResult, ExtendedJsonResult (which supports JsonConverters), Adaptive PRG (PostRedirectGet) results.
  • Common Route Constraints: Contains common route constraints like Range, Positive Int/Long, Guid, Enum, RegEx etc.
  • Various other Utility methods and helpers.

OSS projects which are using Mvc Extensions


Nightly Builds : CodeBetter TeamCity

NuGet Packages: MvcExtensions Core, requires one of following IoC adapter:

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