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Globally defined resource item for validation messages

It would be cool to have a feature to set validation message globally like: ModelMetadataSetting.RequredErrorMessage = () => ResourceMessages.Requred; // run at user's bootstrapper task And the...

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error: no parameterless constructor

MvcExtensions trying to create controller with activator if it cannot be created with ioc container.

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Debugging Codeplex MVCExtensions in 4.0 throws exception

download On the same project as above. Start VS as admin Open the solution For project demo\demo.web.unity, make it IIS WAP and save Rebuild the solution ...

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Latest build doesn't run BootstrapperTasks

In the latest code check-in, the new code doesn't run any of the BootstrapperTasks. Looking through the code this is due to the CreateAndSetCurrent method never being called in Bootstrapper.cs. You...

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Allow registration of unknown filters types at runtime.

I'd like to be able to scan my assemblies for attributes that derive from a certain type, and then register them to be used on all controller actions. Right now, the filter registry methods require...

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In MVC 3 branch, Validate is called multiple times

Using the MVC 3 beta branch and the new IValidatableObject feature, my Validate method is called twice, resulting in duplicate error messages. Is MvcEx adding a duplicate validation provider to tha...

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How to configure a custom ValidationAttribute?

I have created a couple of custom ValidationAttributes, but if I use then in the standard Data Annotations manner along with using the ModelMetadataConfiguration they do not fire. Is it possible to...

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Unable to use asynchronous controllers

I just realized that I'm unable to use asynchronous controllers with MVC Extensions. The cause for this is the custom ExtendedControllerActionInvoker. I believe this needs to be changed to inherit ...

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Create an AssignTypeConverter

Just like done with filters will be nice to have an AssignTypeConverter to make POCOs use templates without need to edit them.

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ModelMetadataConfiguration Typed AsDropDownList

The extension AsDropDownList could have an typed version, so this way I don't need to use the viewData.

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